Custom Seizure Claim and Recovery

A lot of company and individual will have their merchandises or currencies seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). According to the official release of CBP, in the year 2017, CBP seized shipments in a total value of $1,206,382,219. There are 34,143 Seizure in the year 2017 and 48% of them (16,538 cases) are shipments from China. A lot of Chinese companies had their shipments and merchandises seized by CBP, and we will use our expertise and knowledge to recover those seized merchandises for our clients.

As for individuals. When they enter the U.S. to visit or travel, they tend to bring some money with them. The U.S. has a very strict rule of report the currencies brought in or out by visitors. When the visitors fail to report according to the law, CBP often time will seize all the currencies brought by the person. This happens to a lot of visitors, travelers, and new immigrants. Again, if that happened, we will contact CBP on behalf of our client, gather supporting evidences, filing required paperwork and documents, and recover the seized currencies for them.