Our Attorneys

We deeply understand our value for clients and always take pride in the quality of your representation and legal service.

  • Fei Pang

    Fei Pang

    Founder, Managing Attorney
  • Sonia Wilczewski

    Sonia Wilczewski

    Senior immigration lawyer
  • Li Xiao

    Li Xiao

  • Bruce A. Fields

    Bruce A. Fields

    Senior Lawyer of Counsel
  • Cody R. LeJeune

    Cody R. LeJeune

    Senior Intellectual Property Litigation Attorney
  • Crystal Yu

    Crystal Yu

    Attorney Candidate
  • Jerry Jin

    Jerry Jin

  • Nadia Tanhizadeh

    Nadia Tanhizadeh

  • Keith H. Rutman

    Keith H. Rutman

    Senior Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Wendy Lin

    Wendy Lin

  • Hedy Huang

    Hedy Huang

    Administrative Assistant / Case Manager
  • Chang Yi

    Chang Yi

    Public Relations Specialist / Case Manager
  • Vianna Zhang

    Vianna Zhang

  • Babsi Chen

    Babsi Chen

  • Jiawen Liu

    Jiawen Liu

  • Jiaqi Chu

    Jiaqi Chu

    Contact person in Zhejiang
  • John Zhang

    John Zhang

    Senior Real Estate Consultant
  • Dr. Gang Sun

    Dr. Gang Sun

    Senior Education Adviser
  • Angela Zheng

    Angela Zheng

    Senior Financial Planning Consultant