Study Abroad Planning

Our team of migration specialists will help you plan your children's education in the United States. Dr. Sun ( is the CEO of Sunplus Education. Sunplus Education has been committed to enhancing exchanges between China and the United States in the field of education and culture, providing various professional services such as educational exchanges between China and the United States, study abroad planning, short-term study tours, academic and life adjustment for students in the United States, and mental health education and consultation. Sunplus Education has directly cooperated with many U.S. universities and high schools to provide high quality guidance and management services for international students.

Main business:

1. Study abroad application

• US K-12 application

• US undergraduate application

• US community college application

2. Short-term study tour

3. American summer/winter camp

4. Education and training

5. Advance academy

6. Mental health services for US students

7. US students track services during school